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Los Cabos Info

Los Cabos with its always warm weather, postcard-perfect beaches, internationally renowned resorts, historic towns, and great diversity of activities, make it a vacationer's paradise. Many visitors are drawn to Los Cabos for its world glass deep sea fishing & golf courses, restaurants, nightlife venues, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing, whale watching, opulent spas, and shopping.

Outdoor activities in Los Cabos include experiences you won't find anywhere else, like an ATV adventure amongst secluded beaches and sand dunes, a canyon canopy adventure in Boca de Sierra National Park, and a trip to the waterfalls and canyons of Baja. Finish off a sun-drenched day of swimming with dolphins or horseback riding with a sunset dinner cruise on the Pacific for a trip you'll never forget. For more information please visit

Airport Details

The San Jose del Cabo International Airport (SJD) has recently enjoyed a number of upgrades and expansions that ensure travelers' added comfort and safety. It is located just 20 minutes north of San Jose and welcomes domestic, international and private or charter flights year-round. When traveling abroad, all passengers must pass through customs and immigration. You need a valid passport to be allowed in Mexico. Once you have passed through immigration, collect your luggage and proceed to customs. Here, passengers push a button on a traffic light of sorts; if the light turns red, your luggage has been chosen for inspection.


Los Cabos is located 1,000 miles south of San Diego in the state of Baja California Sur, south of the Tropic of Cancer, at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortes. Los Cabos refers to the two towns of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, north towards Todos Santos, and the East Cape stretching east toward La Paz.

Time Zone

Los Cabos is on Mountain Standard Time, which is one hour later than Pacific Standard Time.


Spanish is the official language, but English is widely spoken throughout the region.


The climate in Los Cabos is Subtropical desert; warm, sunny and dry most of the year. During the summer, highs can be in the 90s F with occasional showers. Winter evenings may drop to the 60s, with daytime highs near 80.


The currency is the Mexican peso but many businesses will accept US dollars, credit cards, and traveler checks. If using US dollars we recommend that you first ask for the exchange rate. All major Mexican national banks and some foreign banks are represented. For convenience, many locations have ATM machines that accept U.S. & Canadian bank cards. ATMs dispense Mexican pesos, the official unit of currency.

Drinking Water

Most hotels and restaurants feature purified water. Many resorts desalinate and purify their own water on property. Bottled water is available at stores and supermarkets throughout Los Cabos.


120 cycles/60 volts, the same as in the United States & Canada.


The area is compatible for cellular phone usage, but it can be costly. It is recommended to contact your cellular provider prior to arriving in Los Cabos to discuss available roaming and data packages. Hotels impose a surcharge on calls made from the room. Local phone cards are available at many stores and supermarkets. Most hotels & resorts feature Wi-Fi in guest rooms and public areas. You will also find a number of Internet cafes in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.
  • To call the U.S. or Canada from your cell phone, dial 00 + 1 + area code + telephone number.
  • To call local land lines, just dial the seven-digit number.
  • To call local cell phones (within the same area code), dial 044 + area code + telephone number.

Medical Assistance

It is recommended to get travel/medical insurance prior to traveling outside your country of residence. Contact your health insurance provider to see which hospital in Cabo they pay for. Two medical service providers are:
Hospiten: (624) 105-8550
Blue Medical Net: (624) 104 3911

Important Telephone Numbers

Police: from a cell phone or landline, dial 911.
American Consulate: (624) 143-3566
Canadian Consulate: (624) 142-4262

Safe Travel

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